For anyone interested in this project, as new as it is, I’ve just put up the first download on the Google Code project page. It’s Android-only at the moment, and it still needs a lot more features before I’ll be happy with it, but it works. There’s even a bit of documentation to get you started. The code isn’t much, but it is error free and works out of the box with the simple directions on the aforementioned documentation page.

You can either download the archive, which contains the library source (AMLCode) and a test project (AMLTest), or you can use the Subversion repository if you prefer. Please check it out and see what you think. I tried to make the implementation as simple as possible, and the markup is pretty self-explanatory, but the lack of any documentation beyond just the first steps of integration will be a problem. The docs will grow as I continue working on the project.

For now, any feedback of any kind is welcome.