Last updated 7/16/2010 @ 12:57pm EDT

General Project Tasks

  • Upload working code to Google repository
  • Create XML schema definition for existing AML

Completed Features

Android OS (minimum version 1.5/Cupcake)

  • Inputs
    • Button
    • Image button
    • Checkbox
    • Toggle button
    • Text box (normal)
    • Text box (password)
    • Radio button
  • Tables
    • Multi-column spanning
    • Horizontal/vertical alignment
    • Single/multiple cell auto expansion
  • Lists (using ListView)
  • Formatting
    • Font size (small/medium/large)
    • Text color
    • Background color
    • Padding
    • Horizontal alignment
    • Vertical alignment

Incomplete/Missing/Planned Features

Android OS

  • Inputs
    • Spinner
    • Date picker
    • Time picker
    • Text box (multiline)
    • Text box (phone #)
  • Other widgets
    • Gallery
    • Image display
    • Progress bar
  • Font choices (serif, sans-serif, etc.)
  • Font styles (bold/italic/underline)
  • Menu creation
  • Tap/hold event handling
  • Activity switching on certain events
  • Unique portrait/landscape definitions for the same screen
  • HTTP data submission for input elements
  • Google Maps integration
  • View caching mechanism

iPhone Support

  • All features

Windows Phone 7 Support

  • All features

Web Application Support

I am keeping this in mind thanks to Ken Snyder. The basic idea is to use AML as a templating engine not just for mobile applications, but also for full web applications. However, since the implementation can be (and usually is) very different on those two overall platforms, it may not be desirable to use the same template for a web application as for a mobile application. It could be very cool, or it could be overkill.
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